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Our Agents

Name: Angel Calkins
Specialization: General Commercial
Email Address: angelcalkins@kleinandheuchan.com
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Name: Chris Howell
Specialization: Office & Industrial
Email Address: chrishowell@ccim.net
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Name: Craig Metzger
Specialization: Industrial / General Commercial
Email Address: cmetzfl@gmail.com
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Name: Don Wallace
Specialization: General Real Estate
Email Address: newerpass@aol.com
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Name: Joseph Santolucito
Specialization: Apartments and General Commercial
Email Address: josephsantolucito@kleinandheuchan.com
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Name: Larry Gilbert
Specialization: General
Email Address: lgilbert001@gmail.com
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Name: Laura Martins
Specialization: Office Leasing/Property Mgmt
Email Address: pincome@tampabay.rr.com
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Name: Linda Gardiner
Specialization: Office, Retail and Leasing
Email Address: lindagardiner@kleinandheuchan.com
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Name: Marilyn Stuelke
Specialization: Office, Flex Space & Industrial
Email Address: marilyn.stuelke1972@gmail.com
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Name: Mark Klein
Specialization: Investment, Land, Office and Retail
Email Address: markklein@kleinandheuchan.com
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Name: Monique Petronje
Specialization: General Real Estate
Email Address: moniquepetronje@kleinandheuchan.com
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Name: Pat Booth
Specialization: Investment, Land, Office and Retail
Email Address: patbooth@kleinandheuchan.com
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Name: Philippe Beau
Specialization: Acquisitions, Asset Management & Development
Email Address: philippe@kleinandheuchan.com
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Name: Stan Newmark
Specialization: Commercial and Investment
Email Address: stannewmark@kleinandheuchan.com
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Name: Steven Klein
Specialization: General
Email Address: stevenklein@kleinandheuchan.com
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Name: Thomas Duncan
Specialization: Investment/Income Properties
Email Address: tduncan@kleinandheuchan.com
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Name: Uli Cramer
Specialization: Multi-Family, Office, Retail & Industrial
Email Address: ulicramer133@gmail.com
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